The Festival


Born from the idea of the artist Nello Petrucci : POMPEI STREET FESTIVAL 

An element of cultural dynamism, social awareness, tourist and socioeconomic strategy of growth for the city of Pompei.  

The street will be a starting point to facilitate the encounter between the public and art, fielding the expressiveness of artists, musicians, and filmmakers through installations, meetings, workshops, seminars, live music, performances, and film reviews.

The festival is proposed as a new way of experiencing the city through the different forms of art.

Art is used as a tool for change to raise awareness and make everyone acquainted with the fact that every popular artistic movement and, in particular, street art (a phenomenon that is already trendy in many cities around the world), can stimulate the desire for improvement and reflection.

The festival also intends to shake the consciousness of the new generations regarding environmental and social problems using painting, music and cinema as the main tools to interact with the social fabric of the territory, opening a new path for change.

During the days of the festival, the streets of the city will become a real „Open-air Museum”, creating a new way of evolving tourism that will make the city of Pompei become a strong cultural center.

The city must increasingly become a destination for fans of the explosive contemporary form of street art.

This new perspective will aim in future editions to make the places of periphery known as well. The goal is to create a „Street Art Tour” in the city of Pompei in future years, generating interest and tourist development.


Civitates works on the themes of social innovation, active citizenship and civic education, recognizing an extraordinary pedagogical and social as well as aesthetic value to culture, music and the arts. For this reason the Civitates Pompei Committee collaborates in the organization of Pompei Street Festival dealing with community residences, school projects, seminars and workshops.


Street Art

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Chi Siamo

Nello Petrucci
Pompei Street Festival
Artistic director

Alfonso Todisco
Pompei Street Music
Artistic director

Andrea Valentino

Film maker
Pompei Street Cinema
Artistic director

chiara canali
Pompei Street Art
Artistic director

Francesca martire

  Civitates Pompei President

 Creative Residency & School     Project   

Pompei Street Festival

Organizazzione Tecnica
Pompei Street Festival


Photographer & Videomaker
Pompei Street Festival

Teresa Acanfora

Social Media Manager
Pompei Street Festival

Estera Balintfi

Support Team
Pompei Street Festival

Andrea cartelli

Graphic Designer 
Pompei Street Festival