steso primo

  Steso Primo alias Hugo-Alexandre Sanz, is a street artist from Avignon, France. From very early on, he was immersed in a dense cultural universe, attending at a very young age different Festivals and other exhibitions, which helped to arouse his thirst for creation, which remains intact and growing to this day. Visiting museums and studying at the Avignon Art College confirmed his passion for painting and creating. His numerous trips to Europe and his predilection for Italy, where he painted a big fresco on the Amalfi Coast, reinforce in him his love and his quest for beauty in everything. Combining his ideas for a fairer world and a planet that needs to be safeguarded, his leitmotif can be summed up as follows: Art for peace. Mastering the techniques of oil and acrylic, the spray paint he uses to create his works are all signals for lasting peace in this world. The young artist, whose work bears witness to an explosion of color, strong sensitivity, and promising talent, leaves people questioning the meaning of life in a troubled world. His colorful and spontaneous works will help you discover the world from another angle.

„Throwup Stabia”

"I wanted to express the popular conditions of this place using colors." – Steso Primo

„Volevo esprimere le condizioni popolari di questo luogo utilizzando colori.” – Steso Primo

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