la 180

 Resp aka La180 was born in Salerno, Italy where he lives and works. Already in the 90s, he began to take an interest in graffiti, starting the research that led him to develop his peculiar style. After his diploma, he moved first to Padua and then to Rome, where he studied Psychology. In both cities he met several artists of the Italian writing scene, thus undergoing influences that led him to evolve and improve his techniques and style. In 1999, with three other artists known as “Coca”, “Murak” and “Traqu”, he started the group “La 180”. Several publications of his graffiti appeared in magazines such as “Paper Experience” of Ancona, the Milanese “Tribe” and the French “Explicit graphics”. In the series of paintings Contaminations, inspired by the movement of raves and techno music, the artist questioned the degradation of industrial and suburban areas and the impact of environmental pollution on nature, he created the character known as “Saiborg”, a super writer that fights against the contradictions of modern society and he also experimented in the graphic and pictorial field.

”La Madonna dei Rifiugiati”

 It is a contemporary reinterpretation of the figure of the Madonna of the city of Castellammare. The message he wants to convey is that today the value of hospitality and solidarity towards those suffering from wars and famines, such as the peoples of Africa and the Middle East, is fundamental for Christians and the cult of devotion to Our Lady. . " - The 180

Si tratta di una rivisitazione in chiave contemporanea della figura della Madonna della città di Castellammare. Il messaggio che vuole trasmettere è che oggi il valore dell’accoglienza e della solidarietà verso chi soffre per via delle guerre e delle carestie, come i popoli dell’Africa e del Medio Oriente è fondamentale per i Cristiani e per il culto della devozione alla Madonna.” – La 180

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