Il suono della voce

Directed by  Emanuela Giordano
Made in Italy 
Ludovico de luigi- svedudista visionario veneziano
Directed by Stefania Soellner
Made in Italy

Starlight in the ruins

Directed by Lin, Huan-Wen
Made in Taiwan
they call me busker

Directed by Herman Marynissen Made in Belgium

short Films


Directed by Kostiantyn Mishchenko 

Made in the USA

bernardino di luino

Directed by Diego Monfredini

Made in Italy

embers of the sun

Directed by  Zareh Tjeknavorian

Made in Armenia

Fermasi umani - free for all

Directed by  Mara Palena

Made in Italy


Directed by Luiza Campos

Made in Brazil


Directed by Edoardo Pappi

Made in Italy

gargano fairytale

Directed by Adriano Losacco

Made in Italy


Directed by Milena Viitman

Made in Spain

il fabbricante di scintille

Directed by Valerio Marcozzi

Made in Italy


Directed by Mattia Marcucci

Made in Italy


Directed by Stefano Santamato

Made in Italy

un aeroplano che va - una domenica con Fausto delle chiaie

Directed by Francesco Di Giuseppe

Made in Italy


Directed by  Maya Baur

Made in Switzerland

point of view

how much is enough

Directed by  Filippo Tamburini
Made in Italy

in tempo

Directed by  Valerio Marcozzi
Made in Italy

mami wata

Directed by  Paola Beatrice Ortolani
Made in Italy


Directed by  Lana Gregar
Made in Slovenia

sunset IN winter

Directed by  Kelley Lockman
Made in USA

the other

Directed by  Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi 

Made in Iran


Directed by  Gaetano Del Mauro
Made in Italy


cafè- Story of a neapolitan flip

Directed by  Vincenzo Lamagna
Made in Italy

La gente di napoli

Directed by  Maurizio Di Nassau, Luciano Ruocco
Made in Italy

sic est

Directed by  Flavio Ricci
Made in Italy

event films

12 o'clock

Focus on Women

Directed by  Sajad Soleymani

Made in Iran

a proper job

Focus on Women 

Directed by  Maryam Khakipour

Made in Iran

nel paese di temporali e di primule

Focus on Civil Commitment

Directed by  Andrea D'Ambrosio

Made in Italy

prima di tutto

Focus on Family Rights 

Directed by  Marco S. Puccioni

Made in Italy


Directed by  Marco S. Puccioni

Made in Italy

zu den sternen

Directed by  Nicolai Tegeler

Made in Germany