Monks is a self-taught urban artist located in the city of Lima, Peru. He started his work around 2011 by making illustrations and paintings. In the beginning, Monks began painting on the roof of his house with some friends from the university. It was not until 1 year after painting several weekends on the same roof that he went out and discovered this love for the streets. His main source of inspiration are animals, psychedelia, and hip hop, the monks tries to reflect a unique universe in which animals have thoughts, style, and attitude. His signature is using very bright colors combined with highlights of fluorescent colors which makes him and his unique artworks.

"It is a representation of what happened to the volcano almost 2000 years ago and how it can be resurfaced from the ashes." - Monks

"È una rappresentazione di ciò che è successo al vulcano quasi 2000 anni fa e di come può essere riaffiorato dalle ceneri." - Monks

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