Emmeu is an Italian artist. Graduating from Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, his research revolves around pure geometry, with an artistic touch combining Escher’s relativity and Cryptik’s oriental mandalas. His works of art seek to capture solid shapes as they expand and multiply out of a nucleus during mitosis, a process that starts from a cube, which LeWitt considered to be the purest and most intelligible shape out there. His artworks are depictions of explosions characterized by luminous lines that gradually expand as a result of a kind of artistic Doppler effect. The main purpose is to provide the observer with a dynamic reality that gradually transforms. His works can be found in various countries such as Iran, England, Portugal, Spain, as well as in different cities in Italy.


  “I have worked on the contrast, it is an anamorphic work divided over two walls. On the left side, there are five squares, the square in ancient Rome is the symbol of the walls that surround the city. On the right side, there is a spiral labyrinth that represents the city with two beams of red light (Pompeian red) that cut the wall.” – Emmeu

“Ho lavorato sul contrasto, è un'opera anamorfica divisa su due pareti. Sul lato sinistro ci sono cinque piazze, la piazza nell'antica Roma è il simbolo delle mura che circondano la città. Sul lato destro c'è un labirinto a spirale che rappresenta la città con due fasci di luce rossa (rosso pompeiano) che tagliano il muro”. – Emmeu
  • Photo by Adriana Tuzzo
    Photo by Adriana Tuzzo

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