Ioan Tzenkov / JahOne / is a contemporary graffiti artist and mural painter based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2010 he started using spray paint as a medium for self-expression, and walls became his canvas. In 2013 JahOne graduated from the National Academy of Arts, majoring in Graphic Design and Advertising. His creative expression develops in the direction of realistic-fantastic characters of people, animals, and fabulous creatures. Intertwined with images and symbols of different cultural heritages from around the world the artworks are depicted in contrasting combinations of dreamy colors. 

  Murals by JahOne can be seen in different countries around the world - Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, USA - California. He took part in group exhibitions on domestic and foreign stages. He also is a co-founder of the VISIONARY Foundation - a platform for contemporary visual projects in the urban environment.


  “Moma means young woman in Bulgarian. This artwork represents beauty and respect for life in all forms, from sea to land, from fish to human beings. The geometry in the background is an ancient symbol for prosperity, wellbeing, and luck, as it is found in many cultures around the globe.” – JahOne

  “Moma significa giovane donna in bulgaro. Quest'opera rappresenta la bellezza e il rispetto per la vita in tutte le sue forme, dal mare alla terra, dai pesci agli esseri umani. La geometria sullo sfondo è un antico simbolo di prosperità, benessere e fortuna, come si trova in molte culture in tutto il mondo”. – JahOne

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