Born in Sant’Anastasia, a small town in the south of Italy, Gianpiero D’Alessandro is a writer, graphic designer, and painter. His passion for art started in his childhood, fascinated by the story of Walt Disney and Andy Warhol, he started drawing at 16 when he made his fellow citizens into comic book characters. Throughout his career, he had collaborations with celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Clementino, Cristiano Ronaldo, and brands like Nike, Netflix, and Levis.

”Vesuvius Pizza”

  ”This artwork is a reinterpretation of the catastrophic eruption of 79 AD. Naples is well known all over the world: Pizza and Vesuvius. Here they are together in this work.” –G.P

”Questa opera è una reinterpretazione della catastrofica eruzione del 79 d.C. Napoli è famosa in tutto il mondo per Pizza e Vesuvio. Eccoli insieme in questo lavoro”. –G.P

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