Cool disco rich

  A self-taught artist, Matthew Mederer aka (Cool Disco Rich) has been pushing boundaries and promoting original ideas through his artwork for over 20 years. His depth and breadth of styles, ranging from graffiti to realism, have helped him realize an original body of work.

  His signature style combines, Realism, and optical illusions. The mixing of styles gives his work an undeniably original form to his murals. He’s worked nationally and internationally on public art projects. His art has been featured on the television show, NBC’s Chicago PD. In the summer of 2020, he completed a portrait for Sounding Boards Chicago which got nods from the Chicago MCA and the Smithsonian.

„Infinite Rebirth”

  ”The idea is to tell a story with symbols and color. The skulls represent loss and are in primary colors. The flowers represent life and are in secondary colors. The girl is the element that represents life experience she is represented in tertiary colors. With the use of colors and symbols I mean to say the end is beginning.” – CoolDiscoRich


  ”L'idea è quella di raccontare una storia con simboli e colori. I teschi rappresentano la perdita e sono in colori primari. I fiori rappresentano la vita e sono in colori secondari. La ragazza è l'elemento che rappresenta l'esperienza di vita è rappresentata nei colori terziari. Con l'uso di colori e simboli intendo dire che la fine sta iniziando”. – CoolDiscoRich

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